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Cartoons teach kids to use violence – AK47s and rocks offered to kids in ‎cartoons

Official PA TV program From My Country, on the late Palestinian cartoonist Naji Al-Ali, originally filmed in 2018

Official PA TV narrator girl: “Naji [Al-Ali] invented the character of Handala (i.e., well-known Palestinian cartoon character who symbolizes the Palestinian refugee issue), who was in his drawings regularly and represents a 10-year-old boy who turns his back to the viewers… Naji had another character who returned again and again in his drawings as the figure of the Palestinian woman, whom Naji called Fatima. She is a character who is not humiliated. Her vision is very clear on everything regarding the cause and the way of its resolution – the opposite of the figure of her husband, who breaks down frequently.”


A cartoon is shown of Fatima, who has roots growing out below her dress connecting her to ground, handing rocks to a group of children, including Handala. On the right a girl is throwing a rock at a man with a grotesque face and a Star of David on his hat who is covering his head.

Another cartoon shows Fatima flying in the air with an assault rifle in her hands, which she is holding out to Handala.

Narrator girl: “The Israeli soldier has a long nose and in most cases he is confused facing the stones of the children, and he is bad and evil with opportunistic commanders.”


Another cartoon shows an Israeli soldier with a Star of David on his helmet looking into a prison cell where Handala is standing next to a man lying on a cot.

Another cartoon shows a man with a Star of David on his hat running away from a group of children who are lifting a large stone together.