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Hamas MP: Bin Laden killing "is a crime and [an act of] terror"

Headline: “Hamas parliamentary faction: The murder of bin Laden is a crime and [an act of] terror; we agreed with him on some issues”
     “Member of Parliament (the Palestinian Legislative Council) Ismail Al-Ashqar, representing the Party for Change and Reform [Hamas]… said in a press release: The murder of Osama bin Laden is state terrorism which the US is applying against Muslims. [The US] could have arrested him and given him a fair trial, but it has harmed itself, and through this crime it is provoking Islam and Muslims.’
He added, ‘We view Osama bin Laden as an ascetic and a Jihad fighter. He had billions, but he acted with altruism and fought alongside his brothers in Afghanistan against the Russians. He believed that the US was the enemy of Islam and of Muslims, and that it harmed them, their peoples, and their abilities.’
Al-Ashqar stated that Hamas agrees with bin Laden on some issues, while disagreeing with him on other issues. At the same time, he emphasized that his movement does not agree with the Al-Qaeda organization in many matters of religious law pertaining to the struggle with the US and Europe.
Member of Parliament Al-Ashqar prayed that Allah would have mercy upon him [bin Laden] and that he would ‘rest in Paradise’.
Dismissed [Hamas] Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh had already denounced the assassination operation against the leader of the Al-Qaeda organization, Osama bin Laden, in Pakistan. During a press conference in Gaza, Haniyeh said: ‘If the reports that are coming in concerning the death of bin Laden are correct, we say that this is a continuation of the American policy of killing and violence. We denounce the assassination of a Muslim Jihad fighter and an Arab man, and pray that Allah wrap him in His mercy.”