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Fatah official: "None of us will oppose a program for resistance"

Special program broadcast from Gaza on the subject of the reconciliation
Ahmad Yusuf, political advisor to Hamas Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh:
“We want to build a homeland, to build government, which is based on political partnership, based on national consensus. We will all [thereby] strengthen our abilities. Likewise, resistance will be [undertaken] through agreement and coordination among us concerning how to deal with this enemy [Israel]…
If, at this stage, there is a possibility of investing efforts in international relations and in the bond with the international community, [in the face of] the new Arab momentum – democracy in the Arab government, which listens to the Arab street and whose heart is with Palestine, and for whom Palestine is a central issue; if the achievement will come about by means of political effort, then go ahead with politics, and we’ll set aside the resistance for a while.”
Abu Joda Al-Nakhal, member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council [responding]:
“As the Palestinian people, we are living in a single geographical territory. None of us will oppose a program for resistance that all the factions agree to, nor a political program that all the Palestinians agree to.”