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PA daily: "The legend and fable of the alleged Temple"

Headline: “Warning concerning construction of Talmudic parks, targeting of Al-Bustan neighborhood, and Judaization of Silwan”
     “The Committee for Protection of Silwan Land and Assets warned of accelerated work in the area… [Member of the committee Fakhri] Abu Diab drew attention to the fact that the occupation authorities (i.e., Israel) are acting to falsify facts and history, by ‘planting’ alleged graves in the area, claiming that they are Jewish ones, and thereby conclusively seizing the area…
He stated that the results of the [construction of] very prominent works being carried out by the occupation’s instruments, are changes in the area’s landmarks, with the aim of falsifying its history and its heritage, and [bringing about] its complete Judaization, as a service to the legend and fable of the alleged Temple. As to the parks… they will belong to the Temple, which the occupation authorities and groups of extremist Jews are hurrying to build in place of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”
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