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PA controls media, ceases to broadcast incitement against Hamas

This article illustrates that the PA controls the media. It made a decision after the reconciliation to stop inciting against Hamas.
Headline: “After ceasing to broadcast incitement and to disseminate media poison - Palestinian circles once again showing faith and interest in news stations
“The news stations once again have the faith and interest of the Palestinian public, now that they have ceased to broadcast incitement [of Fatah and Hamas against each other]and to disseminate media poison, which intensified anxiety and confusion owing to the use of inappropriate terms not suited to the nature and values of the media.
Since the signing of the reconciliation agreement [between Fatah and Hamas], there has been unusual interest in the various types of news stations, both radio and TV, as well as in local newspapers, because now everyone is using and sticking to professional and national terminology, far removed from slander and mud-slinging.”