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Deputy Chairman of PLO youth magazine Zayzafuna confirms they get funding from the PA

PA TV program Lanterns (about various NGO’s). Subject: Zayzafuna organization for children’s culture, and its magazine.
Deputy Chairman of the Zayzafuna organization, Abd Al-Karim Ziada, in response to an inquiry about the organization’s funding:

“The magazine carries advertisements, which cover some of the costs. For the year 2010-2011 we have subscriptions by students and schools, and that also helps. We are fortunate in that the Palestinian Authority and the Prime Minister [Salam Fayyad] have helped us this year with aid in the amount of 90,000 NIS to cover the magazine and organization costs, and that has given us a push forward. Allah be praised, there is a new agreement for a monthly payment of 10,000 NIS to cover the magazine [costs].”

Note: Zayzafuna is a PLO magazine for children partially funded by the PA. The magazine includes material written by both the magazine’s staff and child readers. PMW has documented that the magazine has published articles glorifying Martyrdom death for Allah and depicting Hitler in a positive light, just to name a few examples. For an in-depth PMW study of Zayzafuna magazine, click here.

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