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Armed struggle is "impossible under current conditions," but "moment of resistance" will arrive

PLO Ambassador to India and official PA daily columnist, Adli Sadeq:
 “On the Palestinian level, no one disagrees that the armed struggle is difficult, or impossible, under the current conditions. Our obligation right now is to prevent the violation of our commitment to a work plan which will maintain public order, protect society from disruptions, and allow the political players to compensate for the abstention from the most noble means of resistance (when it is strategically possible) –i.e., the armed struggle – by means of advantages and achievements in our political standing. …
The armed forces and groups, wherever they may be, must gather together under the flag of the national entity, with their weapons and with their vision, and must willingly forego their ability to coerce on the internal level. The use of resistance as an excuse is not convincing; Palestinian experience has show us that when the moment of resistance arrives, whether the estimates are mistaken or accurate, it is the legitimate leadership that will be on the frontlines, and that is who will push society into the conflict – as happened in the lengthy second Intifada, when the [PA] security services and Hamas fought together.”
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