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Official PA daily: The “elders of Zion” failed to erase the memories of Palestinian youth

Headline: “Senior figures in the homeland and in the diaspora mark the day of the catastrophe with the demand that the right of return be fixed in the memory of all generations”
     “The organizations and institutions of our people in the homeland and in the diaspora held several events yesterday marking the 63rd anniversary of the catastrophe, which was caused by the Zionist gangs in 1948.
The speakers emphasized that our people adheres to the right of return in accordance with UN Resolution 194, and that this right belongs not only to the generation of the original refugees, but is the right of all Palestinian generations [living] in the homeland and in foreign countries…
Dozens of artists demonstrated yesterday in Gaza City as part of the events marking the 63rd anniversary of the catastrophe, and emphasized that the right of return is a sacred right which is not subject to the statute of limitations… The artists also gave performances of songs and folk dances expressing the Palestinian heritage, which Israel attempts to steal and to attribute to itself…
Thousands of residents of Jaffa and Nazareth demonstrated yesterday… demanding the right of return. More than a thousand residents participated in a demonstration yesterday in Jaffa…, calling, ‘We shall not abandon Jaffa, we have the right to return to our villages.’ Hundreds of ’48 Palestinians [i.e., Israeli Arabs] arrived in Jaffa, waving Palestinian flags. Some Jews tried to attack them, but they stopped them and sent them away from the area.
Participants in a procession shouted, ‘From Jaffa to Beirut, a single nation which will not die.’ They condemned the policy of the Israeli government towards the Arabs, and accused it of racism and rightist fascism.
In Nazareth… participants in a demonstration said: ‘We have overcome the policy of the leaders of the Zionist movement, who said that the new generations of Palestinians would forget the catastrophe. The participation of thousands of young people in events for the day of the catastrophe today is the greatest proof of the failure of the elders of Zion.”