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PA daily: Israel referred to as "the so-called State of Israel," which was established by "Zionist gangs" were "terrorist gangs whose aim was to murder, to destroy and to expel"

Headline: “Execution was the way of getting rid of them – Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs: The matter of the detainees was not documented during the catastrophe (“The Nakba” – the establishment of the State of Israel)”
     “The Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs said that the issue of the Palestinian and Arabic detainees during the 1948 war remains undocumented and outside of history, and that the history of the prisoners’ national movement must start from that period.
The Ministry said yesterday, in a report marking the 63rd anniversary of the catastrophe (“The Nakba” – the establishment of the State of Israel), that the Israeli side presents a narrative that is misleading and deceptive in its explanation of the reasons for the war, the catastrophe, and the expulsion of the Palestinians. This is done with the aim of lending diplomatic, political and national legitimacy to the occupation of the land of Palestine and causing the Palestinian people to flee, through use of force, violence, and acts of massacre…
The report adds: The 1948 war ended after Israel completed (implementing) its policy of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians, by establishing its Jewish state upon the ruins of the Palestinian people, which had been expelled by the occupation, by force, from its land and its homes, and was driven all over the world. Thereafter the initial facts showed that the number of Palestinian and Arab captives who remained in the occupation’s detention camps was 9,000. Sadly, that is the number that Ben Gurion revealed in his memoirs, even though I believe that the number is much higher…
The Ministry’s report says that talk about the existence of captives began [only]
after the catastrophe and after the establishment of the so-called State of Israel, and the UN recognition of it. Meantime, the real tragedy of the captives was during the years of the war, when it was the Zionist gangs and militias, first and foremost the Haganah, who led the battles and were devoid of any official, moral or human aspect in their attitude towards the Palestinian captives. These were terrorist gangs, whose aim was to murder, to destroy and to expel, and they considered any Arab a suspect deserving of death. …
It was clear that most of the captives held by the Zionist militias were from among the civilian population, which had been uprooted and forced to flee their villages, or were detained while attempting to return to their homes. In the 1948 the Israelis didn’t have a policy of detention; the main policy was to get rid of captives and to execute them, as evidenced by many documented facts concerning mass execution of civilian inhabitants after they were detained. It would seem that the great number of detainees from among the expellees, who were wandering and roaming and fleeing from the massacres, forced the Israeli leaders later on to build detention camps…
When the Zionist gangs overcame the village of Ghawr Abu Shousha, in the Safed region, they separated the villagers. The youngsters, aged ten to thirty, were sent to detention camps, while the rest were expelled to Lebanon.
The report notes: This is also what happened in the village of Ayn Al-Zeitoun, in the Safed region, when members of the Haganah brought a hooded informer who began to examine closely the men who stood in rows in the village square, and the people whose names appeared on a prepared list were identified. Afterwards, the men who had been selected were taken to a different place and were executed. What happened at Ayn Al-Zeitoun happened [also] in Tantura, Dawaimeh and elsewhere.
The Palestinian captives were exploited by the Israeli military leadership for forced labor, and for this purpose three camps were set up. The captives were used for any labor that could strengthen the Israeli economy and the army’s abilities.
According to eye witness accounts, the labor in these camps was forced labor. Some was in quarries and carrying heavy rocks, some was in industries whose products were meant for the Israeli army. The facts show that the Zionist gangs raped Palestinian women and attacked them after detaining them; most often the women were murdered after being raped.”