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PA daily columnist: Return to Jerusalem, Haifa, and Jaffa is a "historical inevitability"

Bader Makki, sports columnist:
 “Yes, the whole world is in Palestine. It has come to emphasize the revival of Palestinian memory, which the occupation tries to erase, and to push away and to eliminate, but our cities, our villages and our towns in the Interior (i.e., in Israel) – which speak fluent Arabic – will not forget that the return to the land is a historical inevitability. This entity [Israel] has not yet learned that the will of the people will prevail, and that a right is not lost so long as it is backed up by demands. Yes, our strength is waning with age, but the dream will become a reality. Ask the mother of the Shahid and the mother of the prisoner, awaiting her son’s return in order to continue the struggle, up until Jerusalem, Haifa, and Jaffa. We shall see it.”