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Official PA daily calls Israeli "the occupied Interior"

“Dozens of representatives of the official institutions, representatives of national organizations, and residents of the town of Taibe [in the West Bank, not the town Taibe in Israel], north-west of Jenin, planted trees in Haifa Park, which was laid out by the Popular Committee for Refugee Services in the Jenin region, in coordination with the Supreme Committee for events marking the day of catastrophe (“The Nakba” – the establishment of the State of Israel)… Parallel with the event a gathering was held which included speeches emphasizing the Palestinian people’s adherence to its land and its insistence on the right of return, in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy. During the gathering, artistic performances inspired by the event were also presented, and scouts groups from local schools participated in a demonstration in the Haifa Park region. The park was named after the city of Haifa in order to commemorate it. The supreme committee for events marking the day of catastrophe has begun planting parks throughout the West Bank which are named for towns and villages in the occupied Interior (i.e., in Israel).”