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PA: Israel kills Israelis for political purposes

Font-page headline of the PA newspaper after the bombing in Jerusalem market:
     “Palestinian sources believe that the Israeli Intelligence stands behind the bombing.”
     “One of these sources estimated that there is a “mole” of one of the Israeli [intelligence] systems [which stands behind] the bombing, such as the throwing of two hand grenades on the bus stations in Be'er Sheva a few weeks ago, after which it was found that the man who carried out the attack, Salem Alsaba, was recruited by the Israeli intelligence. Circles close to the Alsaba family said that Salem called his family two days ago from his place of detention, and this raised wonder in the family due to the fact that the Israeli authorities do not allow any detainee, for security reasons, to establish any connections during the interrogation period. It was relayed that his family refused to speak to him and spoke harshly with him about his deeds. The sources mentioned that the authority which was given to Alsaba, confirms what was mentioned at the time by the PA, that the suspicious attack and its goal of stopping the Wye River talks… Palestinian sources said to the France Press agency that “the Palestinian security forces have a number of leads and signs of the existence of an exterior party which stands behind the last attack and the recent series of attacks, which have a political goal of confusing the PA and preventing the implementation of the agreements that they reached with Israel…the recent military attack that was attributed to the Jihad, is the double suicide attack in the beginning of 1997 near the Netzarim and Kfar Darom settlements, after which the National Authorities introduced to the media a man by the name of Ibrahim Alhalaby, who recruited the two suicide bombers and who planned the attack. Alhalaby confirmed that he works for the Israeli intelligence and that he organized this attack according to their request, in order to create tension in the relations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel and to stop the implementation of the agreements signed between them.”