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Fatah quotes PLO official calling on Palestinians to turn weapons on Israel instead of each other

Text and cartoon posted on the official Fatah Facebook page

Posted text: “The city does not know its owners
By: [Former Director of PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs] Issa Karake

What are these weapons that are spreading in the hands of the people, individuals, groups, families, and tribes, and under different names – organizations that are faction-related, and sometimes security-related? Recently this spreading of weapons has become a troubling phenomenon. Barely a week passes without us hearing about an armed incident here and there, and the [PA] police reports report about an increase in the cases of killing from the start of this year [2020], including killing by shooting, in addition to the wounding of dozens…

We don’t want the weapons to be for highway robbery and lose the value of self-sacrifice, nationalism, and humanity, particularly because we are in the stage of national liberation, and we are still bowing under the occupation’s yoke. These weapons need to frighten the oppressive occupiers and not the people that aspires to be rid of the occupation…
Those who have carried the pure weapons are the righteous Martyrs and the prisoners who are sitting in the prisons, they are the ones who have paid the price of the legal resistance against the occupiers and colonialists, and their weapons were the weapons of honor and freedom

Text on cartoon: “The weapon of anarchy against the heart”

In the upper part of the cartoon a Palestinian man is firing an assault rifle at a Palestinian family. In the lower part, the same Palestinian man has a frightened expression and his assault rifle is limply bending to point at the ground, as he faces an Israeli soldier who is holding a smoking assault rifle in one hand and a lit cigarette in the other.
In the bottom right is the PA map of “Palestine” that presents all of Israel as “Palestine” together with the PA areas; the map is drawn in the shape of a Palestinian flag on a pole, with the stripes of the flag on the map.