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PA Ministries publish Antisemitic book that describes Israel as "the descendants ‎of Shylock”‎

     ‎“The novella Autumn of Waiting, written by prisoner Hassan Fatafteh aroused ‎discussion in the hall of the Rocky Hotel in Ramallah, where the Ministry of Prisoners’ ‎Affairs, in cooperation with the Writers’ Association and the Al-Damir Institute – ‎celebrated its publication, in the presence of the Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs, Issa ‎Karake, intellectuals and those interested in literature, and in particular prison ‎literature.‎
Dr. Abd Al-Rahim Al-Sheikh [article doesn’t specify his title; apparently he is a literary ‎critic] spoke about the novella… this novella was written from within prison, from within ‎the [very] innards of the monster. This novella reminds us of the illusions which have ‎turned into facts and the facts which have turned into illusions in our cultural battle ‎with the Zionist enemy: What Palestine is, who the Palestinians are, and what the just ‎culture is… Another concept [in the book] is myself and the other. The writer refers to it ‎with a single word – the ‘other’. In the novella he does not define it [Jews/Israel] as the ‎occupation, or as Zionists; they are the descendants of Shylock, the blood ‎merchant from the Shakespeare’s play, ‘The Merchant of Venice’. The name ‘Jews’ ‎appears only once or twice, and they are also described as foreigners. This is the most ‎important element in the Israeli identity today – foreignness.’ …He views the ‎occupation [Israel] as a blood merchant, as the opportunistic descendants of Shylock, ‎as a foreigner. This is the reality perceived by the book.’”‎

According to the following article, the novella Autumn of Waiting was published by the ‎PA Ministry of Culture and the PA Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs:‎
Headline: “Ramallah: Publication of literary series, ‘Prison Literature’”‎
     ‎“The Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with the Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs, launched ‎a literary series yesterday under the title, ‘Prison Literature’, written by some of the ‎prisoners in the occupation’s prisons. A ceremony was held to mark [the launch of the ‎series] in Ramallah.‎
The series comprises five books written by prisoners, including the novella The ‎Prison’s Prison by prisoner Ismat Mansour; the poem ‘Rafiq Al-Salami Waters the ‎Orange Grove’ by prisoner Mahmoud Al-Gharbawi; the novella Autumn of Waiting by ‎prisoner Hassan Fatafteh….”‎
‎[Al-Ayyam, June 15, 2011]‎