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PA Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs: Israel is "one of the largest centers of organ trafficking"

Headline: “Hebron: Honoring families of Shahids (Martyrs) whose bodies are being held by the occupation”
“The national campaign to return the bodies of Palestinian and Arab Shahids, in cooperation with the Prisoners’ Club and the Friends of the Shahid Association, honored the families of the missing Shahids whose bodies are being held by the occupation authorities. The ceremony of honor was held in the presence of Hebron District Governor Kamel Hamid; Chairman of the Parliament (Legislative Council) Aziz Al-Dweik; Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake; and member of the Fatah Central Committee Abbas Zaki…
Karake said that the occupation’s purpose in holding the bodies of the Shahids was for revenge and to punish their families and relatives. He called upon the human rights organizations and the humanitarian organizations to act and to exert pressure on Israel to release these bodies. He noted that Israel is considered one of the largest centers of organ trafficking and emphasized the importance of implementing the [Palestinian] national unity agreement because this offered the opportunity to take on the burden of the Palestinian cause. He added that the Shahids are a lighthouse for all of our people.”