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PA daily praises Italian pilot for referring to Israel as "beloved Palestine"

Excerpt of an article reviewing the history of Italian support for Palestinians:
Headline: “Italian friends and an unending romance with the Palestinian people – views of Italian nation and its leadership towards the Palestinian nation inspire respect, and our spectators await them eagerly”
“Italian pilot humiliates Israel”
“On one of the flights from Italy to occupied Palestine – or, more precisely, to the airport in Tel Aviv – the pilot contacted the airport, spoke with the control tower, and said: ‘Right now we are circling in the skies of beloved Palestine; greetings to Palestine and its people.’ Then he ended the conversation, repeating to the passengers, ‘Praise to Allah, we have safely reached beloved Palestine.’ Afterwards, this great pilot was forbidden to enter occupied Palestine (i.e., Israel), and his name was blacklisted.”

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