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PA TV: Israeli cities Acre, Safed, Haifa, Kiryat Shmonah are the Palestinian homeland

PA TV News report on “Brigade 68”, the first brigade of the Palestinian armed forces. Founded in 1955… Abdallah Shuahin, a member, tells about the brigade’s role:
“My main role was to go to Acre, to Safed, to Haifa. Each one [of us] went to an area with which he was familiar, and brought reports about the homeland…
There was a city there named Banias, it is on the border of Lebanon and Palestine. We went by foot from Banias to Palestine, to Kiryat Shemonah…”
Host: “The brigades were not content with observation activities; they [also] carried out self-sacrificing (i.e., terror) operations which caused pain to the Israeli occupation.”
Another brigade member: “Some of these operations were self-sacrificing operations (i.e., terror attacks), such as an operation in ’56, attacked an Israeli bus. This operation was carried out by some of the members of the brigade, who died as Shahids (Martyrs).”

Note: "Brigade 68" was founded and was active 7 years after Israel’s founding. All the cities attacked were Israeli cities and the Palestinian “homeland” referred to was really Israel.