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PA daily publishes PA salaries to terrorist prisoners from the May 2011 general budget

     "An official document, a copy of which reached Life and the Market (supplement to the official PA daily), reveals that the cost of salaries [in the PA budget] is much higher than people think. According to the document, the sum of monthly salaries for May 2011 totaled 727,287,824 shekels ($214,412,683.96 USD), paid from the treasury of the [Palestinian] National Authority...
The document shows that the largest portion of the salaries' expense - more than 40% - was paid to civil servants. A total of 293,435,045 shekels was paid to 101,802 civil servants, about three quarters of them in the West Bank. The average salary for a civil servant in the Palestinian Authority is 2,882 shekels...

The military personnel of the Palestinian Authority occupy second place - 24% - in the cost of salaries, with a total of 172,873,226 shekels. Surprisingly, the Gaza Strip represents more than 55% of the total cost of salaries of military personnel. The average salary for members of the PA military personnel is 2,704 shekels...

The PA transfers about 7% of the cost of salaries overseas, in the form of salaries to personnel at consulates and the Palestine National Fund, foreign fronts, and PLO forces and institutions, in the amount of 51,872,446 shekels.
As for the prisoners (i.e., in Israeli prisons), they receive approximately 2.5% of the cost of salaries [for May], in the form of salaries and [additional] payments, totaling 17,678,247 shekels ($5,211,747).
Taking care of families of Martyrs (Shahids), inside and outside [the PA], totals about 3.5% of the total cost of salaries [for May], in the amount of 26,458,137 shekels.
The West Bank received the majority of the payments and salaries to prisoners, while the Gaza Strip receives a greater portion of the budget for assistance to Shahids' families. The average prisoner salary is 3,129 shekels... Salaries for members of the inactive Parliament (Legislative Council) [which has not been meeting since the Fatah-Hamas conflict] totaled approximately 0.5% of the cost of salaries - 3,272,316 shekels."
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