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Palestinian poet: Peace is a lie and justice will be achieved through "the point of a sword"

Headline: “Death of ‘the Al-Mutanabbi (famous 10th century Arab poet) of Palestine’, the ‘prophet of doom’ …
     “At the age of almost eighty, the great poet Yousuf Al-Khatib (the ‘Sword of Palestine’) has passed away. His pure body was buried on Friday afternoon…
From occupied Palestine, the head of the Palestinian Arab Writers’ Union in Haifa, poet Sami Mahana, said: ‘[Al-Khatib was] a poet who lived as a great man in an age in which the suffering of his people grew with every heartbeat…’
… Two weeks prior to his death, the General Union of Palestinian Writers… published the full collection of the great poet’s works, in three large volumes… The first volume is entitled, ‘The Wandering Nightingale’, and covers 345 pages. It includes the preface ‘On the Confessional Chair’, which covers 55 pages…
[From the preface written by poet Al-Khatib:]
‘It really happened that after the catastrophe of June, 1967 (the Israeli victory in the Six Day War) that all my poems which had preceded that date – and later on, also all those that followed – were brought before a hellish Spanish Inquisition court, with the claim that they were responsible (along with the works of many others) for this painful catastrophe coming about. This was because my natural, wild and stubborn nature refused [to accept] the principle of tame and blind obedience to the UN resolution of 1947, to establish a state for the Jewish filth of Europe upon the land of Palestine, and also because it rejected any submissive view of peace on the basis of that cursed, Satanic resolution, and [my nature] screamed in the wilderness of Arab political despair (even after 1954) against the ‘lie of peace’ which has prevailed up until our own times:
‘There is no peace; the refugees today are enemies of peace! Until historical justice emerges from the point of the sword!’
However, since the criminal Partition Plan received the endorsement of International Law, in accordance with the yardstick of Western civilization, whose inevitable end will be terrible collapse – I now find myself in Damascus, in the sixth or seventh year after the Second Millenium, with no literary or moral presence worthy of mention visible in the cultural life of our times.’”