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PA TV host refers to village in the Galilee as "occupied Palestine"

Official PA TV host: “From here, from ‎occupied Palestine and from the ‎village of Ibtin (in northern Israel), we ‎send you regards – from the home of ‎the heroic fighter Ali Omariya... We, ‎Palestine TV, came [here] because ‎we’re proud of Ali... and proud of our ‎brave prisoners, the 1948 prisoners, ‎the prisoners of Palestine, the ‎Palestinians of 1948 (all references to ‎Israeli-Arabs), whom we support, ‎because they are the root and we are ‎the branch... We praise our dear ‎guests, the guests who brought us ‎from Ramallah and brought us into the ‎interior of the Green Line (i.e., into ‎Israel), into occupied Palestine.”‎