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Fatah delegation visits home of Martyr responsible for killing more than 20

Headline: "Fatah delegation visits family of Shahid (Martyr) Abu Sharakh on seventh anniversary of his Martyrdom death"
"A delegation from Fatah and from the movement's organizational committee at Rafidia hospital, visited the home of Shahid Nayef Abu Sharakh, commander of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of his Martyrdom. The delegation met with the Martyr's family and emphasized [the need] to keep moving forward on the road of liberation and independence, up until the realization of our people's aspirations and hopes to establish an independent state with exalted Jerusalem as its capital. … Rashad Al-Nimr, secretary of Fatah's organizational committee at Rafidia hospital, said that the purpose of the visit was to emphasize Fatah's esteem towards the Martyrs and their role in the service of our people's cause. He praised what the Martyr Abu Sharakh had contributed in all areas."

Note: Abu Sharakh - a senior Tanzim leader, was responsible for dozens of terror attacks in Israel, including a double suicide attack in Tel Aviv in 2003 in which 23 people were killed.