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Islamic Jihad member: Israel, "the Interior occupied in 1948," tries to erase "the history, culture, and heritage" of Palestinians

"The Islamic Jihad movement has decided to name its summer camps, due to commence at the beginning of next week in Gaza, after Palestinian towns and villages in the Interior occupied in 1948 (i.e., inside Israel.) The head of the central committee for the camps, Ahmad Al-Midlal, said: 'We have decided to name the summer camps after occupied Palestinian towns in order to anchor awareness and to strengthen the grasp of the [younger] generations on their land and on their historical and cultural identity…
Al-Midlal emphasized that they would exert efforts to obstruct the path of the Zionists who are trying to strip the towns and villages subjected to their occupation of their Arab and Muslim identity. He stated that the occupation would not succeed in forging the facts and erasing the history, the culture, and the heritage of the Palestinian people, no matter what it tried."