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Father of prisoner on why Israel has not released his son: “Aren’t they Jews? They’re Jews… When they’re Jews, what can anyone do?”

PA TV program In a Fighter's Home visits the home of prisoner Rayan Rimawi. Interview with the prisoner’s father:
PA TV interviewer:
"Why do you think the Israelis do this – not releasing your son [when they were supposed to]?"
Father: "What [do you mean]; aren't they Jews? They're Jews. What can I do? When they're Jews, what can anyone do? They're in control…."
Interview with prisoner's son
"Why is your father in prison?"
Son: "The Jews took him."
Interviewer: "Why did they take him?"
Son: "He was defending the homeland, and they took him."
Interviewer: "Do the Jews arrest anyone who wants to defend his homeland and his country?"
Son: "Of course."