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Fatah message to Europe: Accept a Palestinian state or Middle East will be drawn into “a tumult of anarchy”

Headline: "Fatah: World must choose between supporting us in September or an explosion of the region"
"Fatah warned that obstruction of the path to the UN in September, to attain a Palestinian state, is threatening to demolish the stage of negotiations and to blow up the region. Fatah spokesman in Europe, Jamal Nazal, said in a press release to WAFA agency: 'The stance of countries of the world against our efforts towards full membership in the UN will be taken as a negative message to our people that the path of diplomatic work is not an alternative to the other paths which our people has [previously] taken, and that the countries which were negligent in standing on the side of freedom and equality in our region, have denounced them.'
He added that some people in Europe are wondering how a vote in favor of Palestine in September will lead to support for the peace process, and warned of 'the dangers of a great revolution in the region which is hovering on the horizon if the countries of the world deliberately withhold from our people its right to self-determination.' Fatah called upon the Palestinian Authority to continue full steam ahead in its current path of enlightening the countries of the world concerning the dangers of distancing our people from its hopes. He hinted that this year's equation is, 'Either accept Palestine as a member of the UN, or risk drawing the region into a tumult of anarchy with undesirable results.'"