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PA TV visits the home of terrorist prisoners: “You are heroes, you are fighters… We are proud of them”

PA TV program In a Fighter’s Home
Program visits home of Israeli Arab prisoners Ibrahim and Yassin Bakri, from the village of Ba’ana in the Galilee.
Mother of Yassin Bakri, addressing both prisoners: ”You are heroes, you are fighters, you have the right, you have the power, the power is with you. The power conquers 100 brave [enemies]. They are the true fighters because they have the right... Praise to Allah, we are proud of them. And just as they entered prison in a hurry – so may they leave prison in a hurry.”
Mother of Ibrahim Bakri talks about Mujahed Hamadi (the suicide bomber whom the two prisoners helped): ”We honored him.”
PA TV host: ”May Allah have mercy upon him, Mujahed; may Allah lay him to rest in Paradise. Could the family of Ibrahim Bakri not honor their guest [the suicide bomber], and not host him? We are Arabs; we honor our guest so long as he is with us, and we give him honor wherever he may be. [Just] because Ibrahim’s mother hosted Mujahed – may Allah have mercy upon him – they detained her; that was the only crime carried out by Ibrahim’s mother.”

Note: Ibrahim and Yassin Bakri confessed to and were convicted of aiding the suicide bomber who blew up a bus at the Meron Junction in August 2002, killing 9 and injuring 51.

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