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Fatah official: Israel is not worthy of having "a place on earth", we have "honor of being in Ribat (religious conflict) until the Day of Judgment"

PA TV live broadcast of third day of Palestine Popular Resistance Conference. Live broadcast from town Budrus in Ramallah district close to the security fence. Panel on national unity and popular resistance.
Member of the Fatah Central Committee, Sultan Abu Al-Einein:
     "The foreign solidarity activists – we shall kiss their hands, because they support the side of truth and are against oppression and tyranny; [they are] those who one day thought about being with us in all of our everyday activity at every point of popular friction and conflict with the Israeli enemy…
I say on your (the audience’s) behalf: Praise to Allah who has given us the honor of being in Ribat (religious conflict/war) until the Day of Judgment.
[He then quotes the hadith about Ribat of the inhabitants of Jerusalem and its environs.] And we claim this honor, for indeed we are in Ribat.
[He then talks about national unity, says Fatah refused to use arms against Hamas members. And later he talks about the need for national unity between Fatah and Hamas before appealing to UN in September:]
Brothers and sisters – Khansas of Palestine (i.e., Al-Khansa was a 7th century poet, honored in Islamic tradition for celebrating her four sons' deaths in battle)…
We can apply to the UN to issue by force the birth certificate which has been withheld from the Palestinian people for the past 62 years, while a birth certificate was issued to the Israeli enemy from the same place [the UN] to which we have decided to apply in September. …
[Sultan Abu Al-Einein calls the Palestinian people to take part in the popular resistance and says:]
We must change the foundations of the conflict with this evil enemy, and I say that I have no fear of condemnation and criticism when it comes to Allah, because a nation whose land is occupied and who relinquishes resistance in all its forms, styles and manners – I say that this nation that relinquishes its elementary rights to all forms, styles and manners of resistance, is not worthy of having a homeland and is not worthy of having a place on earth. We must inculcate resistance in all its forms in every region, especially as we are situated just a few meters from our land, from the land of our ancestors, which was occupied in 1948."