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Abbas' advisor: PA should honor "Martyrs" and not worry about donors' grants

Sabri Saidam, Advisor to Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and under-secretary of the Fatah Revolutionary Council:
"Are we loyal to the path of our fighters?"
"We have named streets after leaders who are not of our people, and have marked the birthdays of other heroes who are not from our society, as a sign of honor and esteem for them. This in itself is good and admirable, but there must be equal or even greater zeal for the heritage of our own struggle. How many of our young children and school pupils know of Abu Ali Iyad, Abd Al-Fatah Hamoud, Ahmad Al-Shuqeiri, and others like them? What is their position on our study curriculum? How it pains me to see people who view our Shahids (Martyrs) as a burden because the donors will be angry and some countries will complain, or because economic and everyday interests will be harmed... Blessings to the souls of our Shahids, whom we will not forget - not for the sake of a grant, not for the sake of a deal, and not for the sake of a position."
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Note: Abu Ali Iyad was appointed head of Fatah military operations in 1966, and was responsible for several terror attacks.
Abd Al-Fatah Hamoud was one of the founding members of Fatah.
Ahmad Al-Shuqeiri was the first chairman of the PLO.

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