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PA daily: Jerusalem boxing club “breaks down barriers” between Israelis and Palestinians

Headline: “Boxing Club tries to break down barriers between Israelis and Palestinians”
“Two youngsters, one Israeli and the other Palestinian, take turns aiming blows at one another, with everyone watching. But this time the battle ends with a hug. This is going on at the Boxing Club in western Jerusalem (in Israel), which tries to break down barriers between Israelis and Palestinians. The club, owned by an Israeli ex-boxer and Jewish immigrant from the FSU, Gershon Luxemburg, is located at the center of a poor neighborhood in western Jerusalem… The owner emphasizes that the club is open to the public, of all backgrounds… ‘Everyone can come here: Jews and Arabs, men and women, religious and secular. Everyone is invited to come here and to feel at home.’ This man, who wears a Jewish skullcap, says that the aim of the encounter at the club is not only dissemination of [the idea of] accepting the other, and coexistence. ‘We not only agree with one another; we are friends, we are a single body. The relations between us are not superficial and are not limited to saying hello or saying goodbye.’”