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PA TV song calls for the elimination of Israel, “Palestine will be liberated”

"Master of the Universe, bring about a reunification and we’ll return to our lands
Joyous occasions will prevail in our land, and Palestine will be liberated
We’ll return as we were in the past, on your soil are April flowers
Haifa will declare to Beit Shean: Here, the beloved ones have returned…
Jerusalem will open the doors wide, here the worshippers have arrived…
We’ll march on the path freely, and spend the summer in Tiberias
Our heart will take us to Jaffa, we’ll celebrate there in the evening…
We’ll drink from Be’er Sheva, and eat sweets in Nablus
We’ll sing in Jenin, the Galilee will answer us"

The song misrepresents the following places in Israel as ‎‎"Palestine":
Haifa, Beit Shean, Jerusalem, Tiberias, Jaffa, Be’er Sheva, The Galilee.

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