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Father gives “thanks to Allah” for his son’s death in violent riots

“One of the residents of the town of Beita, south of Nablus, stood fixed in place. He did not take in what was happening around him after Martyr Imad Dweikat (i.e., protester killed while participating in violent riots against Israeli security forces), 37, was wounded in the heart by a bullet during the confrontations with the occupation forces at the peak of Jabal Sbeih (i.e., mountain in the West Bank where the Jewish outpost of Evyatar is located).

The resident, who asked to remain anonymous… was the last to speak with Martyr Dweikat…

He noted that Martyr Dweikat is the father of five children, and that two months ago his last son was born, whom he named Ali after [the child’s] grandfather.

[The grandfather] stood upright when he received the consolers over the death as a Martyr of his son Imad, and he prostrated himself in thanks to Allah the moment he heard the news of his death as a Martyr.”