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Abbas: Hamas "is not required to recognize Israel"

Interview with Mahmoud Abbas on Turkish TV, rebroadcast on PA TV, on occasion of the gathering of all Palestinian ambassadors in Turkey for briefing in anticipation of appeal to UN in September for recognition of independent Palestinian state.Abbas was asked whether, in his opinion, Hamas might recognize Israel.
Abbas: "I don’t know if it's possible that the day might come when Hamas will recognize Israel, but we, for our part, view Hamas as part of the Palestinian people. There is an opposition and there are supporters [a coalition], and that exists everywhere. It exists in Turkey; it exists in the US. It exists everywhere. Hamas has the right to decide its policy. If it wishes to recognize [Israel], it is free [to do so], and if it wishes not to recognize - it [Hamas] exists, and it has supporters, and there are those who want it [the movement] and there are those who like it on the Palestinian scene. With regard to Hamas – it is not required to recognize or not to recognize Israel. That is its own private business."