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Prison cell searches are “Israeli Nazi behavior,” says PLO

Headline: “Break-ins [into cells] and oppression in the various prisons, rooms were set on fire in branch 7 of Ketziot Prison”

“The oppression forces and well-armed special units of the occupation army held extensive operations of break-ins [into prison cells] and oppression in a number of the prisons…

The [PLO] Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs demanded… to work immediately to put an end to the Israeli Nazi behavior by the occupation’s Israeli Prison Service and the oppression units at this time…

It said: ‘A continuation of the escalation in this way means a true war within the prisons and detention camps. Harming the lives of our prisoners will only be met with a true confrontation, which will befit the events within the prisons and outside of them. We will not agree to our prisoners becoming prey so that the occupation government and its military forces will hide their defeat against the heroism and determination of six prisoners who broke the security system in the prison of whose fortifications the Israeli Prison Service is most proud’ (refers to 6 terrorist prisoners including Zakariya Zubeidi who escaped from prison -Ed.).”