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Israel will soon disappear, “Palestine” will be “liberated,” even if it takes “Millions of Martyrs… Our souls are insignificant for the sake of Jerusalem”

Fatah-run Awdah TV host: “The oppressors have gone too far with their occupation of Palestine and Jerusalem... They have gone too far, my brother, by occupying a land that is not theirs... They attacked our people and our Islamic and Christian holy sites at the place closest to Heaven. They attacked it, my brother, as a result of the Arab normalization with the occupation entity. This normalization that gave them full support to attack and kill... They have gone too far, my brother, and have defiled our Islamic and Christian holy sites… But a day will come and you [refugees] will return, and soon be in Palestine when it is liberated…
We all know that the oppressor will not have a long life on this land… We repeat after our late Martyr leader Yasser Arafat and say: ‘Millions of free people are marching to Jerusalem,’ and if it is necessary: ‘Millions of Martyrs [are marching to Jerusalem].’ Our souls are insignificant for the sake of Jerusalem, for the sake of its land, and for the sake of a grain of its soil.”

[Facebook page of the Fatah Commission of Information and Culture, May 10, 2021]

With the phrase “the oppressors have gone too far”, the host referred to a well known Palestinian song.
The full lyrics of the song “Brother, the oppressors have gone too far” are as follows:

“Brother, the oppressors have gone too far
Therefore Jihad is necessary
and self-sacrifice is necessary...
How can we let them steal the Arabness -
the glory of the forefathers and the rule? ...
Draw your sword from its sheath, and
let it not return to the sheath afterwards...
Brother, rise to [Jerusalem],
the [first] direction of prayer
We will defend the church
and the mosque
Brother, if my blood will flow in the soil,
and my hand will lay on its stones
Then find a free soul that has refused
to let enemies step on it
Kiss a Martyr on the land, who called on
its behalf to Allah and fell as a Martyr...
Palestine, the young people
will redeem your territory
May the self-sacrificing fighter
and the redeemed [land] be exalted
Palestine, our chests will defend you - life or death”