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Girl sings Intifada song about the "Martyr who loved death," PA TV host prefers song about life

Girl: "I am the voice of the Intifada, and no voice is louder than mine;
I am the last will of the Martyr
who loved death upon the soil of the homeland.
My voice refuses to be silent.
I am the sister of the one
who adorned herself and girded herself with death.
I am the voice of the stone and the tree, the bleeding wounded."

After interviewing other children, the host turned to the girl a second time and asked her to sing a different song:
PA TV host: "Bravo, our friend Bara'a; that was a beautiful song.
We want to hear a song full of life and vitality, because we want to live. We want a beautiful life, we want always to call for all that adorns our life. We want to forget about death for a little while and distance ourselves far from death."
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