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PA Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs: Israel steals and trades organs of Palestinian Martyrs

“[Issa Karake, Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs] said: ‘We are meeting today while hundreds of bodies of Shahids (Martyrs) of our people are imprisoned by the occupation government in the cemeteries with secret numbers. He noted that Israel is punishing the mothers. It holds the bodies as though it is afraid of their souls. It does not wish for them to have names, graves, or funerals worthy of their sacrifice. He emphasized that the occupation state fears discovery of its crime of stealing organs of the Shahids and trading in them, as acknowledged by its senior personnel.”

Note: The only case in Israel’s history is not current. An Israeli investigative journalist exposed in 2001 that from the years 1988 to 2000, doctors under chief pathologist at the Abu Kabir Institute of Forensic Medicine at times took body parts without permission from relatives, for research and transplants of skin and corneas. Most body parts were taken from Israeli Jews, but the theft also included body parts from Israeli Arabs, Israeli soldiers and Palestinian terrorists. There has been no documented case since then.