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PA daily: Israeli plan to defuse mass Palestinian protests is an "act of terror"

Headline: "Settler hero Amidror and the terror in Oslo"
     "One cannot but discern a covert connection between the terror attack in Oslo (i.e., when a Norwegian right-wing extremist killed 92 Norwegians in a twin bomb attack in central Oslo and the massacre of youths at a youth camp in July 2011) and the possible blow by [Israeli Security Advisor to the Prime Minister Yaacov] Amidror and [Israeli PM] Netanyahu after September. The massacre of the Norwegian youths and the bomb near the government building in Oslo – it cannot be that mere coincidence connects this to Amidror's project (i.e., Amidror was preparing how to disperse Palestinian mass demonstrations at the time of the PA’s UN request for statehood in September 2001. One of the means discussed, was the use of certain sound waves that would scatter people. The writer relates to these as radiation and terror.) One cannot define the madman's suggestions, such as dangerous and deadly radiation, as anything but an act of terror. The results of the decision [to cancel the Oslo Accords], which may be defined as worse than crazy, would be catastrophic for everyone, regardless of ethnic background, nationality or religion… Our message to the Israeli public is to act to remove Netanyahu and his extremist coalition from power. It is better for Israelis for the Liberman-Netanyahu coalition to fall than for the nations of the region and the idea of peace to fall to hell."