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Deputy Chairman of PA Parliament criticizes Abbas' monopoly on power in the PA

Deputy Chairman of the Palestinian Parliament Hassan Khreisheh: “With all due the respect to President [Abbas], he is head of the PA, PLO, Fatah, and the Security Forces. [He is] head of the Legislative Council because he ratifies the legislation, and head of the judicial authority because he appoints judges. He is head of everything, and thus all of the control is in the hands of one person. This person, whatever may happen, and as honorable and human as he may be, can’t fulfill all his roles. Therefore he needs the authorities to assist him. The authorities that assist him are the judicial and legislative authority and the government. These people don't assist anyone. Therefore he [Abbas] depends on a small number of advisors. Unfortunately, these few advisors appoint their sons to positions in the Public Prosecution. There isn’t even one young person appointed to the Public Prosecution who isn’t a senior official's son. No one is appointed to the Palestinian embassies abroad if he isn’t a senior official's son. You see three, four, or five brothers working in embassies. Therefore these advisors cause damage to the president, first of all, and damage to our people. Therefore these actions must cease.”

Khreisheh was one of the three independent candidates elected to the PA Parliament in the last elections held in 2006.