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Children’s summer camp teaches that it is a national and religious duty not to buy or eat Israeli products

Al-Quds, Palestinian daily  |
Headline: "Educational encounter for children at summer camp in Madama on subject of boycotting Israeli goods"
"The Popular campaign to boycott Israeli Merchandise, in cooperation with the directorate of the summer camp for children of Madama, under the name "Let us discover ourselves through learning, play and joy", with 60 participants aged 6 to 12, held an encounter yesterday with children of the summer camp. The encounter focused on the boycott and included a speech by Khaled Mansour, a member of the political bureau of the People's Party and the coordinator of the Popular Campaign to Boycott Israeli Goods. Mansour emphasized that the children can be fighters through their commitment to the boycott, because it means harming the economic interests of the occupation. In addition, Mansour drew a connection between the settlements, which steal Palestinian land and besiege it, and the boycott, which is one of the ways of responding to the settlers. Mansour called upon the children not to buy any goods with Hebrew writing on it, and instructed them to buy Palestinian, Arab and foreign merchandise [instead]. He told them to ask storekeepers not to bring any Israeli merchandise into the town of Madama. Mansour also spoke about the boycott as a religious obligation, in addition to being a national obligation. He explained to them that a person who is fasting [during the month of Ramadan] sins if he eats Israeli products at the meal breaking the fast. He reinforced his words by means of an incident from the life of the Prophet Muhammad, who asked of the Muslims of Medina to boycott Jewish merchants because of their evil conduct, after one of them had tried to harm a Muslim woman."