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PA official: Palestinian NGOs were cover for PLO activities before and during 1st Intifada

Director of NGOs in the PA Ministry of Internal Affairs Abd Al-Nasser Al-Sairafi: “Before the establishment of the PA – during and before the first– the charity NGOs such as the General Association of NGOs, libraries, and municipalities were a refuge for the released prisoners to work in. They were a cover for the activities of the PLO and the Palestinian factions… They are first-rate national roots, and first-rate roots of struggle… I don't deny, and don't hide the secret that there are many NGOs, organizations, or institutions that accept conditional aid, for example the conditions of USAID to renounce terror. Those who agreed to sign the conditions are organizations affiliated with a different government. Those who didn’t accept [the conditions] are national organizations. First-rate Palestinian charity NGOs.”

The first Intifada - Palestinian wave of violence and terror against Israel 1987-1993, approximately 200 Israelis murdered

For financial year 2020, the EU added an elementary anti-terror ‎precondition to all of its external NGO funding. In order to be eligible for funding, ‎the "grant beneficiaries and contractors must ensure that there is no ‎detection of subcontractors, natural persons, including participants to ‎workshops and/or trainings and recipients of financial support to third ‎parties, in the lists of EU restrictive measures.” ‎