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Palestinian refugees have a "legal and valid" “right” of return to Israel, claims PA daily

Excerpt of an editorial by the official PA daily

Headline: “This is not just a speech”

“The land registry document that [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas presented before the entire world [at the UN General Assembly] includes the story of the living memory of the people of Palestine that was documented in the documents of truth that confirm the Palestinian demands’ legality and validity. Homes whose residents still hold their keys, homes that the occupation (i.e., Israel) took control of with aggressive force and whose residents were expelled and sent as refugees to all corners of the world! The international community must know why the Palestinians do not tear up the land registry documents that they carry, not only because they dream of returning to their homes, but also to emphasize that it is impossible that they would relinquish this right of theirs, and this is what President Mahmoud Abbas wanted to tell the entire world.”

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