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Abbas wrote research papers claiming Zionism was a European “imperialist colonialist movement”

“Chairman of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas raised this claim in the research papers he wrote, as testified by a professor of political science at Bir Zeit University, Dr. Samih Hamouda:
“Yesterday, the department of political science at Bir Zeit University, in cooperation with the Madar Center for Research, held a symposium… Professor Samih Hamouda, of the political science department at Bir Zeit University, presented an analysis of the research papers written by President Mahmoud Abbas on the subject of Zionist ideology. Prof. Hamouda said that in his writings and research, the President linked Zionism to imperialism by examining the reasons for the growth of Zionism, through scientific analysis of European society and the problem of the Jews in Europe, and linking this with the aspirations of the West in the Arabic East. He added, ‘In the President’s research, the Zionist movement is not Jewish, nor does it flow from the desires of the Jews themselves. Rather, it is an imperialist colonialist movement which sought to use the Jews and to enlist them to further the western colonialist plans.’”