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PA daily attacks Iraqis seeking normalization with Israel, and opposes movement to return stolen property to their Jewish owners

Excerpt of an op-ed by Iraqi writer Shaker Kitab


Headline: “Returning”


“The intent of the word ‘returning’ at the Erbil Conference (i.e., a  conference attended by prominent Iraqis calling for normalization with Israel held on Sept. 24, 2021) is a returning of the property that was ‘stolen’ from the Jews in the Farhud events (which were organized by Zionism itself) [parentheses in source] (sic., the Farhud massacre of Iraqi Jews in 1941 was initiated and committed by Iraqi Arabs; 150-180 Jews were murdered in 2 days of Arab violence), or was left behind as a result of leaving Iraq, and the state took control of it.

Thus, the normalizers are working to return the Jews to Iraq, while returning their property – money, buildings, and lands…

How can you take care of your Jewish brothers, while the suffering of the Iraqis whose cause has no border does not occupy even one cell in your brains… and I do not ask you about what was done to our Palestinian brothers by your brothers, the Zionist Jews, in occupied Palestine.”