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Supporting Palestinian terrorist prisoners is a religious obligation, rules PA grand mufti

Headline: “The [PA] grand mufti: Supporting the prisoners is a religious legal duty”



“[PA] Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the Palestinian Territories and preacher at the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque Muhammad Hussein emphasized that our people’s participation in the activities supporting the prisoners’ struggle against the occupation’s (i.e., Israel's) racist policy is a religious, legal, and national duty…

He added that the Palestinian people in the homeland and the diaspora, the members of the Arab and Islamic nations, and the free people in the world must support their prisoner brothers in the occupation’s prison, especially when they are preparing for the battle to defend justice, which will begin on Friday [Sept. 17, 2021] with the launching of an unlimited hunger strike.”



Muhammad Hussein also serves as Deputy Secretary-General and acting Secretary-General of the PLO Popular National Conference of Jerusalem.