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Speaker at Al-Aqsa: “Allah, punish the Americans, the British, and the French, and those they’ve nurtured, the Jews, and their ilk!”

Sheikh Issam Amira: “Allah, punish all the Arab and Muslim rulers! … Let them be a lesson and an example to people! Allah, punish their masters: the Americans, the British, and the French, and those whom they’ve nurtured: the Jews, and their ilk! Allah, in your glory, take revenge upon them! Allah, they often commit acts of corruption on the face of the earth! Allah, wipe out their wealth and make their hearts heavy! Show us a black day befalling them!”

Hizb Ut Tahrir (HT, "the Party of Liberation") - an international pan-Islamic Salafist political organization that promotes the unification of all Islamic countries into one caliphate and the implementation of Islamic Shari'ah law worldwide. It is active in dozens of countries despite being banned in several states, including many Arab states. HT was founded in Jerusalem in 1953 by Islamic scholar Taqiuddin al-Nabhani. It is anti-Zionist and calls for the destruction of the State of Israel.