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Corona breathes new life into PA demonization of Israel

Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |

PA TV’s new series of animated cartoons:

  • Israel is a virus like Corona

  • Israel and Corona virus particle join forces to “invade” Palestinian home

  • Israel is a venomous snake suffocating Jerusalem

  • Israelis are snake charmers of bulldozer-headed serpents

The Corona pandemic is to blame for many things, but ironically, it has also breathed new life into the PA’s constant demonization of Israel!

In the following animated cartoon produced and broadcast by official PA TV, Israel is demonized as a virus like the Coronavirus:

The call of Allahu Akbar (i.e., “Allah is greatest”) and the ringing of church bells are heard.

Text on cartoon: “Jerusalem between two viruses”
“Produced by PA TV, 2021”

[Official PA TV, Oct. 16, 2021]

PA TV broadcast another cartoon showing an Israeli soldier and a Coronavirus particle having joined forces, about to “invade” a Palestinian home:

Text on cartoon: “The ongoing Israeli invasions
Produced by PA TV, 2021”

[Official PA TV, Oct. 18, 2021]

In its new series of animated cartoons demonizing Israel, PA TV also repeated an old demonization theme depicting Israel as a poisonous snake.  One cartoon showed Israel as a venomous snake baring its fangs while coiled around the Old City of Jerusalem. The body of the snake forms a cement security wall around the city:

“Produced by PA TV, 2021”

 [Official PA TV, Oct. 19, 2021]


A snake also plays a central role in this PA TV cartoon, showing an Israeli soldier playing the Israeli national anthem Hatikvah on a flute like a snake charmer, making a snake with a body like a concrete wall and a bulldozer head rise from a basket:

The tune of Israel's national anthem “HaTikvah” is heard.

“Produced by PA TV, 2021”

[Official PA TV, Palestine This Morning, Oct. 10, 2021]


Over the course of the Corona pandemic, Palestinian Media Watch has documented numerous PA and Fatah cartoons that either show Israel and the Corona virus having joined forces to harm Palestinians together, or as the virus itself. The cartoon showing Jerusalem caught “between two viruses” was also posted by Fatah on Facebook in May 2020.

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