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Former Arab Israeli MP praises the “heroism” of the terrorist who escaped from Gilboa prison

Image and text posted on the Facebook page of former Israeli Arab Parliament Member Hanin Zoabi



The image shows terrorist Zakariya Zubeidi, who was involved in numerous terror attacks and was one of six terrorist prisoners who broke out of Gilboa Prison – see note below. Zubeidi was rearrested near Nazareth.


Text on image: “[Zakariya] Zubeidi to the Israeli judge: The people of Nazareth are our people, and we did not enter any of their houses, not out of fear of them but rather out of fear for them.

Hebron News – Sept. 12, 2021”


Zoabi’s posted text: “‘Out of fear for us’…

If he could have really said something

They  broke his leg and nicknamed him, and prevented him from medical treatment

And they are committing all the international crimes to take revenge on an individual act of heroism (refers to six terrorist prisoners escaping from Gilboa Prison; see note below -Ed.)

That broke the image of absolute power.

What the prisoners did – they dug into the undefeated equation of power

And what Israel is doing is to prevent this personal act of heroism from becoming a collective project.

There are acts of heroism and there are acts of treason

And life is necessarily wider than the vocabulary

Life is always more extensive than language.”


2021 Gilboa Prison escape – 6 Palestinian terrorist prisoners escaped from Israel's Gilboa Prison on Sept. 6, 2021, by widening the hole of the shower drainpipe in the floor of their cell. One terrorist is from Fatah - Zakariya Zubeidi, and the other five are from Islamic Jihad - Ayham Kamamji, Muhammad Ardah, Mahmoud Ardah, Yaqub Qaderi, and Munadil Nafiyat. Four of the terrorists were recaptured after five days: Zubeidi, Ardah, Ardah, and Qaderi. Kamamji and Nafiyat were arrested in Jenin on Sept. 18, 2021 along with two accomplices. Zubeidi was head of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades (Fatah's military wing) in the Jenin area during the PA terror campaign (the second Intifada, 2000-2005), when he oversaw numerous lethal attacks, and he also carried out shooting attacks in 2018-2019. Kamamji participated in the murder of 18-year-old Eliyahu Asheri on June 25, 2006, and planned to blow up a bus using an exploding car. Muhammad Ardah participated in initiating and executing a suicide bombing on bus no. 823 on Nov. 29, 2001, in which 3 people were murdered and many others were wounded. Mahmoud Ardah was involved in numerous attacks; the website of Islamic Jihad’s military wing defined him as the "commander" of the prison escape. Qaderi committed a shooting attack on Sept. 18, 2002 with an accomplice in which Israeli Yosef Ajami was murdered and a foreign worker was wounded. Nafiyat was being held in administrative detention.