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“The world spat out [the Jews] because it knows… their crimes,” says Egyptian international legal expert

Egyptian international legal expert Ahmed Karamani: “The state [of Israel] dreams [of expanding] from the Nile to the Euphrates... We are talking today about greedy capitalism, secret [Jewish] organizations that rule the world. We are talking about a lobby in every country in the world that controls the country’s decisions. Who is behind it? Israel… The entire world has spat out the Israelis because of the problems [they cause]. Let’s return to history, because from history we can expose the current situation and predict the future. [The world] spat out [the Jews] from their countries, and they [were] scattered all over the world. It spat them out and gathered them in Palestine. It will not let them return again. The world spat them out because it knows the problems [they cause] and knows their customs and their crimes.”