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PLO official praises female terrorist who placed a bomb in a Jerusalem movie theatre as a “symbol of our feminist movement”

Headline: “In accordance with the [PA] president’s instructions to internationalize the prisoners’ cause – Abu Bakr launches his tour of Cairo with a visit to the first female prisoner of the Palestinian revolution”




“Director of [PLO] Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs Qadri Abu Bakr and his entourage began their tour of Cairo with a visit to the first female prisoner of the Palestinian revolution, Maj. Gen. Fatima Barnawi (i.e., terrorist, placed a bomb in a movie theater), who spent 10 years in the occupation’s prison.

Abu Bakr praised the struggle, resolve, and sacrifices made by self-sacrificing fighter Barnawi, who is considered one of the symbols of our feminist movement…

Abu Bakr conveyed the blessings of the prisoners in the occupation’s prison and the released prisoners, and particularly the female prisoners, to released prisoner Barnawi, whose biography is engraved in the minds and hearts of our entire Palestinian people that is standing firm.

The commission said that prisoner Barnawi is one of the first Palestinian women who engaged in armed self-sacrificing activity since the outbreak of the modern Palestinian revolution…

It added: 'Barnawi was arrested on Oct. 14, 1967, after she placed a bomb in the “Zion” movie theater in Jerusalem, and she was sentenced to life. As fate would have it, she was in captivity for just 10 years, as she was released on Nov. 11, 1977, but she was expelled from the homeland. There she continued her struggle in the ranks of the Fatah Movement and its armed forces, and she married released prisoner Fawzi Nimr from Acre, one of the Palestinian cities that was occupied in 1948…

Fatima returned to the homeland with the arrival of the PA in 1994, following the Oslo Accords. She established the Palestinian [PA] Women’s Police and ran it. Today she lives in the Arab Republic of Egypt.”



Fatima Barnawi

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