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PA TV plays song to celebrate the engagement of a Palestinian terrorist prisoner, praising him as a "strong and determined" "lion"

Official PA TV program Giants of Endurance




Official PA TV host: “For prisoner Mahmoud Abu Wahdan (i.e., PFLP terrorist sentenced to 3 life sentences; PMW was unable to determine the nature of his crimes), a son of the Balata [refugee] camp, the camp of resolve and defiance, who got engaged to Aya Dababseh, who is also a released prisoner (Dababseh was sentenced to 3 years; PMW was unable to determine the nature of her crimes -Ed.). She decided to get engaged to a prisoner who was sentenced to life, and this is a message of defiance and hope through the [official PA TV] program Giants of Endurance.”




Video is shown of the engagement ceremony of terrorist prisoner Mahmoud Abu Wahdan and released prisoner Aya Dababseh. In the background a song is played


Lyrics: “All the love and importance, everything, Mahmoud. In our thoughts and minds you are always present. May Allah give you strength, endurance, and faith. You are overcoming the prison guard, a free person, the greatest lion. On your birthday I present you Abu Wahdan with words of strength and determination adorned with flowers, words of gunpowder, and the tune suits you. Revolution after revolution, and it suits Mahmoud’s persistence. Your voice calls us, Mahmoud. Words of splendor are written on his weapon. Your endurance, Mahmoud, our dear one.”




Mahmoud Abu Wahdan - PFLP terrorist who was arrested on Oct. 8, 2002 during the PA’s 5-year terror campaign, the second Intifada. Abu Whadan was sentenced and is serving 3 life sentences. PMW was unable to determine the specific nature of his crimes.


Aya Dababseh – female terrorist aged 11, who was arrested in 2007. She was sentenced to 3 years but was released earlier as part of a deal between Israel and Hamas in exchange for a recording of then Hamas hostage Gilad Shalit in 2010. PMW was unable to determine the specific nature of her crimes.