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PA Minister of Education vows not to change terror inciting curriculum: "It is our right to teach our children the true Palestinian narrative”

“During a roundtable meeting that was held by Al-Quds University and the [PA] Presidential Office’s Jerusalem Affairs Unit in cooperation with the [Palestine] Broadcasting Corporation (PBC), on the topic of the strategic aspects of [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas’ speech at the UN General Assembly under the title ‘The Israeli incitement and racism against the Palestinians,’ …




[PA] Minister of Education Marwan Awratani emphasized that the occupation state is waging a war against the content in the Palestinian [PA] curriculum, such as mention of the word Palestine or Jerusalem, and that it considers everything expressing our people’s historical narrative as incitement…

Awratani added: ‘The occupation state appointed an institute to check the Palestinian curriculum. It submits a report to the states supporting Palestine so they will freeze and stop their aid until everything it objects to is erased. But in the latest vote in the European states, [which was held] in the context of this report, Israel did not succeed in achieving what it wanted, and in any case, we will not allow our curricula to be dependent on anyone [but us]. It is our right to teach our children the true Palestinian narrative.’”